Book Bank


This book bank scheme is run for all Students.  4-6 books regarding syllabus are issued to students for the whole Semester  and taken back after the end semester examination is over.TKRCET provides funds for this scheme every year.  

 Rules for Book Banks Facilities:

1.  No Name should be written anywhere on the Book (However, if a student so desires, He /   She may write the Name with pencil on the first page of the Book or a wrapper may be put on the book and the Name written on it).

2.   All students who are availing the facility must ensure retuning the entire set of books provided to them within one week of completion of their final examination in the concerned Semester.

3.   If any student availing the facility loses the book / damages the book / disfigures the book, he / she shall replace the Volume(s) with new book