Reference Section

Reference Only book in a Library is one that may only be used in the Library ,not borrowed from the Library.

Many such Books are reference works which are Usually used only briefly or photo copied form and therefore don’t need to be borrowed keeping them in the library assures that then will always be available for use on demand . Other Reference only books are once that are two valuable to permit borrowers to take them out.

Reference items may be shelved in a reference collection located separately from circulation Items(Books) or Individual reference only items available for keeping.


  1. Almanac          :  A Book Introduction for Specific field of ten by data.
  2. Atlas                :  A Set of Maps obtained by Geography.
  3. Dictionary        :  All alphabetically listing of words and their definitions.
  4. Directing          :  A List of Reference.
  5. Encyclopedia   :  A Comprehensive Compendium.
  6. Thesaurus       :  A List of words with similar, related, or opposite meaning