Rules & Regulations

General rules:

  1. Readers and Visitors are requested not to bring their belongings in the library.
  2. Users are requested to learn the book / documents on the reading table after consultation.
  3. No documents issued brought to the library unless for returning
  4. Photo copying (Reprography) service shall be available for the library material against payment.
  5. Users are responsible for photocopying with copyright get while copying library documents.
  6. Improper use of library facility by a member will lead to the suspension of his / her membership.
  7. Silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the library by a user and the library staff. Every one shall ensure that no reader should feel disturbed in their study by any get of his / her.
  8. Mobile phones and other loud electronic materials are strictly prohibited in side library premises.
  9. The library rules and regulations shall be modified from time to time and shall be binding on all concerned.
    1. Among the Non – Academic staff certain of employees get library facilities at the discretion of the library Incharge.
  10. An overdue charge of Rs. 1 per day shall be charged against each Book / Document not returned within the due date.
  11. A Document (Book) Issued may be renewed up to 2 times provided, there is no reservation against it.
  12. A document may be recalled before the due date if required urgently in the Library. Failure to respond promptly may lead to suspension of library privileges
  13. Member proceeding on long leave or discontinued etc., exceeding three months should return the documents that are borrowed.
  14. Certain documents are intended to be used only in the library premises. These include return books, some text books, rare books, current and bound periodical etc.
  15. Borrowers are requested to check if the documents being borrowed are complete and no pages are missing in it. In case of defect or damage in the book should be brought to the notice of the library staff.
  16. Borrowers are responsible for the documents they borrow documents lost, torn or damaged (tearing of pages, Underlining, making notes damaging of binding and the like) shall attract serious action and replacement of document concern.
  17. In special cases the library may authorize the issue of any document mentioned under the rule 6 above to a library member.
  18. If a document is not returned within 15 days of its due date it shall be treated as lost and action shall be initiated to recover the cost of the document as per the rules.
  19. Newly arrived documents shall be displayed documents on display shall be issued only after a specified period.
  20. No documents shall be returned on the day of issue.
  21. While learning the library user should ensure that they carry only those books that are duly issued on their names otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against them.